high powered and sturdy

The steaker which is designed for the industry is very high-powered and sturdy. It captivates by its solid construction and is equipped with pneumatically springed rollers that adapt perfectly to any product size.

The Henneken roller steaker has got a band width of 500 mm and can be equipped with knife rolls of each 46 or alternatively 65 knives per roll. By the use of different types of knives built of especially hardened steel a wide range of products can be processed.


  • surface enlargement
  • improved protein activation
  • improved binding
  • shorter tumbling time
  • standardisation of the end product
  • improved product tenderness
  • reduction of cooking loss

steppless & flexible

Through the height and pressure control of the knife rollers and the steplessly adjustable drive, the product can be processed gently as well as intensively. An exchange of one or both knife rollers with press rollers is possible.

The distance between the knife rollers can be set to -12mm (knives interlock) up to +160mm.

Steaker data

HTC 520500 mm4 – 18 m/min 2,0 kW 1.080 mm 1.700 mm 1.415 mm
HT 520500 mm4 – 18 m/min 2,5 kW 1.080 mm 2.270 mm 1.415 mm

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