Flattener HP


Processing kebab meat, Schnitzel or turkey breast

The Henneken flattener HP 415 has got a band width of 415mm. The conically in-feeding belts guarantee an optimal input of the product.

The steplessly adjustable conveying speed of 2.5 to 15m/min of the synchronized upper and lower bands allow an ideal processing of diverse products like kebab meat, schnitzel or turkey breast. The distance between the belts can be set steplessly from 6 to 130 mm. By the self-centering belts a side-slipping of the belt or product is prevented.

For an easy and fast cleansing the upper belt can be removed without effort. Both belts are easily opened. A stainless steel discharge-conveying belt enables that the product is striked off optimally. The discharge-conveying belt is turnable at the bottom of the lower belt.

Flattener Data

type belt width infeed power  width  length  height  outlet
HP 415 415 mm 2,5 – 15 m/min  1,1 kW  800 mm  2.150 mm  1.240 mm  720 mm

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