Tumbler Type CVM


With or without cooling

The vacuum tumbler type CVM is produced in the sizes 150 liters, 250 liters and 350 liters.

The “Combi”-line Vacuum Tumblers are designed for a multifunctional employment. The wide field of application stretches from tumbling and marinating to mixing and blending of products.

Mixing tools

Depending on the product, different mixing tools can be employed in the production process. The tumbling arm is equipped with a special wiping rubber that guarantees a clean drum surface. The combined use of tumbling arm and mixing arm allow for an intensive and homogenous mixing and blending.

Type CVM Data

CVM 5050 ltr13/241 kW900  mm1.000 mm*1.555 mm*
CVM 150 (C)150 ltr3 – 202,5 (3,5) kW1.360 (1.410)  mm950 (1.640) mm1.550 (2.210) mm
CVM 250 (C)250 ltr3 – 202,5 (3,5) kW1.460 (1.540)  mm950 (1.870) mm1.580 (2.310) mm
CVM 350 (C)350 ltr3 – 203 (4) kW1.560 (1.690) mm950 (1.990) mm1.610 (2.430) mm
CVM 600 (C)600 ltr3 – 205 (7) kW2.140 (3.100)  mm1.290 (2.290**) mm2.000 (2.820) mm

*on a rack, ** with loading arm (optionally)
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