Brine Mixer

400 ltr – 2000 ltr

Homogeneous brine in seconds

Option: Bottom mixer

The Henneken brine mixer HVM works by the Venturi-system. This feature supports a fast and very homogenous mixture of fluids, powdery substances and ice in water. 

The HVM is standardly on stock in the sizes 400 liters, 650 liters, 1000 liters and 2000 liters. All sizes can be equipped with a double jacket cooling if desired.

The substance to be mixed in is entered into the loading system and is automatically sucked in and mixed without any lumping.For the optimal control an interconnection to the curing injector/tumbler is possible. Moreover, water dose feeder, SIEMENS touch panels with recipe management as well as weighing systems, electro-pneumatic valves and other options are available on request. All tubes and valves are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Durch die Verwendung des Lakemischers ist nicht nur eine schnelle Herstellung einer homogenen Lake möglich, sondern die Lake ist auch länger stabil und verhindert eine frühzeitige Sedimentation.


Brine Mixer Data

type volume power width length height
HVM 400 400 ltr 1,8 kW 880 mm 1.400 mm 1.410 mm
HVM 650 650 ltr 1,8 kW 880 mm 1.400 mm 1.910 mm
HVM 1000 1.000 ltr 4,0 kW 1.200 mm 1.700 mm 1.750 mm
HVM 1500 1.500 ltr 4,0 kW 1.200 mm 1.700 mm 2.250 mm
HVM 2000 2.000 ltr 4,0 kW 1.200 mm 1.700 mm 2.750 mm

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