Type R

Tumbler type R


lift and tilt device with cone

Remarkable about the vacuum tumbler type R is the lift-tilt system. With a tilt adjustment of 45° a filling volume of 60% can be guaranteed. Besides a quick emptying by tilting the container is possible.

The vacuum tumbler type R is standardly equipped with an automatic lid swiveling device.

The vacuum tumbler which is equipped with a direct drive has got a rpm-range of 0.5 to 10 RPM. All tumble parameters are programmable with the user friendly touch panel SIEMENS.

The construction of the fins enables according to the rotational direction a gentle or intensive tumbling.

different fins

The customer can choose between different fin variations at the vacuum tumbler type R. Version 1 and 2 are constructed for soft or intensive tumbling depending on the rotation direction. Version 3 makes the 3D-tumbling possible.

with or without cooling

type R Data

typevolumerpmpowerwidthlengthmin. heightmax. height
R32003.200 ltr 0,5 – 109 kW2.180 mm3.270 mm2.640 mm3.370 mm
R44004.400 ltr0,5 – 1014 kW2.180 mm4.410 mm2.640 mm3.600 mm
R64006.400 ltr0,5 – 1018 kW2.430 mm4.300 mm2.910 mm3.700 mm
R1000010.000 ltr0,5 – 1033 kW2.430 mm5.500 mm3.500 mm4.650 mm

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