Type B

Tumbler Type B


optional with cooling and defrosting system

The vacuum tumbler type B is the bestseller of all the vacuum tumblers due to its excellent price performance ratio.

The flexibly applicable tumbler can optionally be delivered with or without cooling and/or defrosting device.

The type B is equipped with a direct drive and provides a rotational speed of 0.5 to 10 RPM. All tumbler parameters can be adjusted by the user friendly SIEMENS touch panel and are also programmable.

Curing, dry salting, tumbling, ...

The extraordinarily sturdy and user friendly construction supports a gentle as well as an intensive massage to constantly ensure the highest product quality. The vacuum tumbler type B is ideally suited for curing boiled ham products, for dry salting smoked ham, for the production of kebabs and for tumbling fish and poultry products.

diagonal fins

Remarkable about the type B is the inner life of the container. The diagonally built-in fins move the product in controlled turning, slide and glide movements and create a three-dimensional mixture effect for highly effective protein activation. Furthermore, the tumbler can be loaded quickly and easily as well as emptied completely due to the diagonality of the fins.

Option: lid support
The most powerful direct drive for tumblers
Option: connection to the PC / evaluation software
Option: brine dosage during rotation
Option: weighing system

Type B data

B1650 ltr 2 – 102,4 kW980 mm1.900 mm1.600 mm
B2900 ltr2 – 102,4 kW1.130 mm1.930 mm1.675 mm
B31.200 ltr2 – 102,8 kW1.130 mm2.225 mm1.675 mm
B41.500 ltr2 – 103,5 kW1.220 mm2.415 mm1.720 mm
B52.100 ltr2 – 104,7 kW1.360 mm2.850 mm1.790 mm
B63.000 ltr0,5 – 104,7 kW1.590 mm2.955 mm2.100 mm
B40004.000 ltr0,5 – 105,7 kW1.590 mm3.585 mm2.130 mm
B74.300 ltr0,5 – 107,2 kW1.620 mm3.765 mm2.145 mm
B85.500 ltr0,5 – 1010,4 kW1.820 mm3.885 mm2.240 mm
B60006.000 ltr0,5 – 1010,4 kW1.820 mm3.885 mm2.240 mm
B70007.000 ltr0,5 – 1010,4 kW1.820 mm4.385 mm2.240 mm
B108.400 ltr0,5 – 1016,7 kW2.000 mm4.670 mm2.440 mm
B1110.000 ltr0,5 – 1021,0 kW2.200 mm4.755 mm2.635 mm
B1212.000 ltr0,5 – 1030,0 kW2.350 mm4.945 mm2.785 mm

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