Loading systems


For loading the vacuum tumblers we offer our customers several possibilities to consider the characteristics of each product and the production processes while loading.

We will be happy to give you advice according to the choice of the right loading system so that you can profit by the optimal solution for your product and your operating procedure.

Available loading systems are:

Manual loading chute, movable

  • easy and well-priced pour spout
  • adequate for E2-boxes

Hydraulic loader, movable

  • universell einsetzbare Beschickung für 200 ltr Normwagen
  • well-priced and sturdy loading system
  • allows loading into tumblers up to 7,000 liters
  • employable for different fields of use (e.g. load disposal onto tables)
  • the shoot can be adapted to other applications

Hydraulic loader special, movable

  • universell einsetzbare Beschickung für 200 ltr Normwagen
  • stepwise emptying possible
  • very clean loading process without dripping water
  • enables loading into containers of 8400 liters

Tower loader, stationary or movable

  • stationary or movable versions as well as rail-bound systems can be delivered
  • extra-large loading hopper
  • very clean loading system without water loss
  • several tower loader sizes available
  • norm wagons (200 liters) or big bags (up to 1,000 liters) can be used
  • available for all products

Vakuum loader

  • stationary or movable version
  • scalable to tumbler size or to customer needs from 350 to 6,000 liters
  • possible use for “in line” production through interconnection
  • with steaker, injector, conveyor belt or hopper
  • optionally equipped with weight cells
  • tube diameter 150 mm or 200 mm
  • use only with products with brine and without bones

Transport belt

  • stationary or movable version
  • allows a very gentle loading, for example for poultry or bellies
  • continual loading of tumblers without having to move any norm wagons
  • perfect in connection with injector or steaker
  • usable for all tumbler sizes
  • feeding speed is steplessly adjustable