injector HPI


for bone-in and boneless products

The injector HPI is availabe with the working width 300 mm, 350 mm, 450 mm and 650 mm.

The injectors are characterized by its robust industrial design and its ease of maintenance. It was attached importance to unproblematic accessibility to all parts. Only top quality components are built-in.

The injection is suitable for all kinds of meat with and without bones.
By a special stripper with height setting it is guaranteed that no product is pressed or injected brine is pressed out. Thus the product is able to increase.

HPI 300

The Henneken injector HPI 300 is the entry starter model of the HPI series. The HPI 300 is an all-rounder which is suitable for bone-in and boneless products. Because of the foldable hood and the fast removal of the stainless-steel racks the machines enables a very good accessibility for a fast and pinpoint cleaning. With all injector models the brine pressure enables a steppless adjustment from 0,5 to 4 bar. The self-priming stainless-steel pump and our forced injection which is controlled by the stripper plate lead to a very high injection precision.

HPI 350

The HPI 350 is the starter model of the industrial injectors for small and medium capacities. The speed is adjustable from 15 to 55 strokes per minute. With the HPI 350 the customer can already choose from a variety of options like Touch Panel, brine pool, antisedimentation unit, double pipe heat exchanger and many more to adapt the machine to his own requirements and production processes.

HPI 450 and 650

As for the models working with 450 and 650 mm width the customer can choose between two versions. The HPI 450 and HPI 650 are equipped with a walking beam system and can be used in multiple ways. Especially the easy cleaning of the transport system and the sturdy construction are advantages which favour the system with the stainless steel walking beam.

HPI 450 S and 650 S

The HPI 450 S and HPI 650 S are the servo-controlled injectors with transport belts from the HPI series. They are produced for exact injection of small poultry parts (or fish) exactly and in order to realize an easy connection to IQF lines.
The pressure of the single pneumatic springed needles can be adjusted steplessly. All needles are easily removable without any tools for easy cleaning. We offer different types of needles in 4, 3, 2,5 or 1,9 mm in order to meet the requirements of the different products.

<< Injector HPI 650 S

with double pipe heat exchanger, cooling, transport belt, antisedimentation unit, fill level sensor and many more.

Precision and stability

The injector control is characterized by user friendliness. Stroke speed and beam walk speed are coupled mechanically through the robust drive with frequency converter and are absolute synchronous.

The pressure of the injector is steplessly adjustable by frequency converter driven centrifugal pump and can be read off the display or manometer.

The product transport is realized by a beam walk system. The beam walk speed can be changed from single stitch to double stitch. The product move has been deviced for a homogen stitch arrangement. This ensures a constant product quality.

For easy cleaning the scaper and the complete comb as well as the splash guards and sheet attachment can be removed without any utilities.

Injector data


HPI 300

HPI 350

HPI 450

HPI 650

HPI 450 S

HPI 650 S 

working width in mm300350450650450650
quantity of needles injector with single head2450 oder 102108 oder 167160 oder 243435630
quantity of needles injector with double head 216 oder 334320 oder 486260384
transport systemEdelstahlrechenEdelstahlrechenEdelstahlrechenEdelstahlrechenTransportbandTransportband
stroke height in mm20020020020040 – 23040 – 230
brine pressure in bar0,5 – 40,5 – 40,5 – 40,5 – 40,5 – 40,5 – 4
stroke speed5015 – 5515 – 5515 – 5515 – 5515 – 55
max. injection area in m²/h1570120175270390
ma. capacity in kg/h5001.5004.0006.0006.50010.000
connection power in kW2811183035
length in mm1.5101.9202.0902.5703.2603.260
width in mm7001.1401.4001.6701.5501.750
height in mm1.9302.050 / 2.3702.2002.2002.2502.250
weight in kg3804601.4001.6001.7001.900

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