Cooling & Defrosting

Double jacket cooling system

  • compensation of the frictional heat
  • cooling of the product
  • a maximum quality of the product
  • better protein activation
  • higher binding
  • security in the field of germs
  • product standardisation

By delivering temperature changes through the tumblers double jacket, energy losses are also kept to a minimum. The benefits of this cooling system can also be applied to brine mixers. That way, alternating water temperatures can be homogenized to support optimally temperature injection. The entire cooling unit is jacketed with stainless steel, so it can be installed outside of the production rooms as well.

Costly breaks in the production process to reduce friction heat induced disadvantages or the production in cooling facilities can thereby be avoided.

Double jacket defrosting system

  • no scalding of the product surface
  • very even defrosting
  • very sensitive procedure
  • no addition of external water
  • addition of spices is possible without any problems
  • no pressure container with purchase obligation necessary
  • Vakuum während des Auftauprozesses

The defrosting system by double jackets provides many advantages compared to defrosting by steam. The SPS system controls the temperature system, supervises and records all data.